Locating Property in the Florida Keys

Mile Markers

Easily Locate Any Property in the Keys

In the keys we have what we consider a unique way of locating just about everything. Mile Markers. Overseas Highway, the 127 mile long section of US 1 connecting the keys was constructed on the old right-of-way for the Overseas Railroad, and like the railroad, landmarks are located by their distance from Jackson Square, Key West, Mile Marker 0. The northern end is MM 127 in Florida City.

Real Estate in the Florida Keys
Ask someone where they live and you’ll most likely hear a mile marker number in response.

Green Mile Marker signs are posted along the way on both sides of the highway, however, one easy way to determine where you are is to simply look at a street address. With the exception of Marathon, the numbers will match the mile marker. For example, Keys Country Realty has an office at 96311 Overseas Highway, or, Mile Marker 96.3. All even numbered addresses are on the Bay or Gulf Side of the highway, and odd numbers are on the Ocean Side.

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